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Infection Information
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Virus Problems

Are you constantly plagued with infections? Did you know that an Anti-Virus program alone does not fully protect you from infections?


If you purchased your infection protection from Randem Systems then you should check here for proper operations of your infection protection software:

Infection Protection Operations

Anti-Virus? REALLY?!?!

Well, lets get this out there... we consider Norton and McAfee anti-virus programs scareware. They do exactly the same thing that the other scareware programs do, they attempt to harass you into purchasing their product and you can't uninstall them from your system without a special cleaner tool. If your trial happens to expire these programs have been known to slow your computer down and hijack your internet connect intermittently not allowing you access to the internet hoping that you think that if you renew your subscription the problem will be corrected.

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Security starts at your home page...

Mozilla's Firefox browser is so much more secure than Microsoft's Internet Explorer one would be foolish to keep using IE in an attempt to keep your computers secure. I say this because so many infection attacks stem from security holes in IE which makes it the highest risk for infections in the first place. To keep our computers better secured we use a combination of add-ons within Firefox to basically lock it down from internet born infections. We use the following Firefox add-ons to help keep us protected:

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eMail News

Each time you receive an email with multiple email addresses in the To: or  cc: field you may start to get lots of SPAM within a few days. These email addresses should be in the Bcc: field.  Why is this important?

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Do Not Use Programs FromTV Ads

All the ads that you see on TV for computer protection, infection removal and computer speed-up; ARE ALL SCAMS!!!

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Scam Central

If you are afraid of viruses, Trojans and worms you very well should be, but that fear is allowing the virus makers to get into your computer even faster and you will unwittingly allow them to enter. This is how the scam works:

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